Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see rimmed keepsakes in your catalog?

Any Precious Memories Keepsake is available with a rim, for no extra charge. Simply place the letter R after the item number when ordering.

What are the sizes of the keepsakes?

The family brochure has a section entitled “sizing” which has actual size photographs of Precious Memories Keepsakes, along with dimensions.


How long will it take to receive our Precious Memories Keepsake?

Your order will usually ship in about 3 weeks from the date we receive the order, sometimes sooner.


What if the family wants to re-order at some time?

We keep the fingerprint on file forever, and the family may place additional orders at any time. Re-orders may also be done by phone, fax, or email, since we already have the fingerprint on file.


Can the family get a longer chain with their pendant?

We can provide chains at any length for the families.


What if we want the keepsakes sent directly to the family?

While we usually ship to the Funeral Home, we will gladly ship directly to the family for no extra charge. The invoice will be sent directly to the Funeral Home.


Can I order a pendant without a birthstone and chain?

You can order Precious Memories Keepsakes any way you want. The keepsakes are listed starting with the pendant alone. From the point, additional options are listes as you read down the catalog.


What if we want a stone on an item that doesn’t come with a stone?

Special orders are always welcome. For a small fee we can put stones, or extra stones on any item.


What if the family decides to order a keepsake after burial?

We may use prints from birth certificates, military records, pistol permit applications, or even arrest records. We will return the original documents with your order.

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