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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my keepsake with a rim?

Any Precious Memories Keepsake is available with a rim, for no extra charge. Simply place the letter R after the item number when ordering on our paper order form, or select rimmed on our online order form.

What are the sizes of the keepsakes?

– Small pendants are about the size of a dime

– Hearts pendants are about the size of a nickel

– Large pendants are about the size of a quarter

View pendant sizing chart here for exact measurements!

How long will it take to receive our Precious Memories Keepsake?

98% of orders will ship within 3 weeks of us receiving the completed order form. We do hold ourselves to a very high standard of quality, and this will occasionally delay shipment.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Ground shipping is reflected in the price of the jewelry. Upgraded shipping options available. 2nd Day Air is an additional $15. Overnight shipping is priced per destination.

What if the family wants to re-order?

All prints are kept on file forever. Re-orders may be e-mailed, faxed, or submitted by phone. All re-orders must be placed by the Funeral Home

Can the family get a longer chain with their pendant?

The standard length of our pendants is 18″. We also offer lengths of 20″, 22″, and 24″ at no additional charge. Please note chain length when ordering. For gold chains, the standard length is 18″. For longer gold chains, the price is $20 per inch over 18″

Can we ship directly to the family?

We will gladly ship to the family for a small $15 charge. We send all packages signature required.

Can I order a pendant without a birthstone and chain?

You can order Precious Memories Keepsakes any way you want. The keepsakes are listed starting with the pendant alone. From the point, additional options are listed as you read down the catalog.

What if we want a stone on an item that doesn’t come with a stone?

Special orders are always welcome. For a small fee we can put stones, or extra stones on any item.

What if the family decides to order a keepsake after burial?

We can use prints from Birth Certificates, Military/ Police records, licensing applications, ect… We can return original set of prints for any order.